Where’s my #SnowBuddie?

So other than the usual bread, milk, and water, what else are you making sure to have during this snow storm. I hope some of you are at least grabbing some hot chocolate to elevate your ‘Netflix and Chill’ game. This might be the right time to light the fireplace. Huh? 🙂 I’m just looking for someone to entertain my inbox or participate in my shenanigans. In need of a #SnowBuddie. But until then, Pinterest and all the social networks might be my go-to cause I refuse to do work this weekend. A few Ls, oven pizza, and the ingredients to this stew that I’ve been procrastinating on, are all I need to get through this cold, yet expectantly cozy white weekend.


Be safe. Stock Up. Stay In.


Misunderstanding the Internal Struggle Pt 1

Do you know what it feels like to lose in competition with yourself, damn near every day of your life? To hesitate at letting anyone know the pain you feel within from fear that they’ll never understand . Then when you’ve gathered all courage to try and explain a sliver of the issue it’s , “You just think too much.”, “It’s not that serious”, or “You have nothing to be upset about”. Not that I’m angry at the statements made or anything….but, muthafxcka that’s why I didn’t want to talk in the first place.  Continue reading