Psychotic High

Tired of letting passive aggression control my mind, capture my soul.

Okay you’re right just let it go.

Last night was a rough night for me, well the past two days have been. I have always used the roller coaster analogy to describe life and it’s wondrous events.  You know, with all the up and down bullshxt. But these depression flare-ups are helping me understand why life is more like the box of chocolates that everyone swears by. Also confirms why I don’t like variety boxes of chocolate. I like knowing what I’m going to get. Predictions. Patterns. Input and Output. All things that can be predicted and/or calculated.

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Perception of Identity 

So today I am lucky enough to be featured as a guest speaker on Power 104.4 radio’s “Who Got Next?” segment. My shy ass.  I told Cash (the host) I was nervous but of course we proceeded on. Started off short with my words but eventually eased on in to it. Brought me back to my step show days. People wouldn’t understand how I’m quiet in person but able to perform on stage. It’s all about perception. People only know the YOU that YOU allow them to know.

 Perception of Identity. Lightbulb!

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Something Like an Upgrade

First let me start off by saying 2016 has been great so far. But the last few weeks have been absolutely fxcking amazing. Big Daddy started his radio segment this week and my phone was delivered in the mail that same morning. What a great Monday it was. That’s what leads to the new site. I was about 30 mins of research away from purchasing the site on the old host when he suggested I give WordPress a try. Some material may be recycled over to the new site, but not all is guaranteed. Stop over and take note of your favorite posts with hopes they are transferred over. 
Thanks for staying during the transition. Promise to try my best and make it a smooth one.  Think of it as…Something Like an Upgrade.