Turning Risks into Rewards

Do you ever ask for a sign before you do something? “Oh, if it’s meant for me to have these shoes please send me a sign Lord” *waits for bolt of lightening*

But what if the sign comes after?!

You missed out on the handsome chocolate stallion complimenting you on your shoes cause you chose to not feed your shopping addiction.  So how do you calculate the risk on the “signs” in order to make sure you don’t lose out on  the reward? Can you? I’m always trying to. My success rate isn’t horrible but it could definitely be better.

So let’s try something new. Let’s take the risk first and only regret it if the outcome doesn’t make you happy. The key to this is: patience. Being patient enough to wait and allow your risk to come full circle.

For those who over-think and second guess, myself included, this may be tough. But one risk, one choice, one smile at a time. And this may just work. So buy those shoes. Even if they’re not on sale. They may look great with those pants you haven’t tried on in months.


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