Perception of Identity 

So today I am lucky enough to be featured as a guest speaker on Power 104.4 radio’s “Who Got Next?” segment. My shy ass.  I told Cash (the host) I was nervous but of course we proceeded on. Started off short with my words but eventually eased on in to it. Brought me back to my step show days. People wouldn’t understand how I’m quiet in person but able to perform on stage. It’s all about perception. People only know the YOU that YOU allow them to know.

 Perception of Identity. Lightbulb!

 How many different people do you interact with in person in comparison to the number of people you come in contact with over the net? Small ratio right. So why does Catfish have to possess a negative connotation. Oh, y’all don’t wanna be lied to, I forgot. Y’all wanna know everything about everybody, all the time. Not that I like being lied to either. But what if everything you knew about a person was perfectly wrong. 180 degrees opposite of who they truly are. Your opinion of who they are holds no more weight. Now apply it in reverse. No one truly knows you. So their opinion holds no weight. And THIS is why you can be whoever you want. Perception. Make them believe they see you doing what it is you want them to see you doing. Good or bad. Genuine or fabricated. One life, yours. Let’s live it how we want.


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