Sister Wife or Hobby Pt 1

sister wifeWin.Lose.Tie. You’re supposed to be my ride or die. As I continue to develop into the superwoman that I am, I always arrive at the point where I am wishing I had a best friend. I’ve never really had one up til this point and even though it might have bothered me before I found distractions and ways to cope. Now that I’m of age, I’m more so trying to decipher between wanting a special friend and  just needing a new hobby. Continue reading

We Overcome

“As history has shown, we are a resilient people. We overcome.” 

As an educated African American who was diagnosed with depression November 2012, I struggle with the battle to overcome. I was the only Black student in my graduate courses. Obtaining a PhD in Nanoscale Science became difficult because of the battles I was fighting daily. I have since ventured off into a new career pathway and am succeeding.

But why can’t I overcome.
The pain.
The hurt.
The memories.
I seldom remember the genuine smiles due to the overload of fabricated happiness I developed to mask my scarred soul.
But I must overcome. Continue reading



It’s been two weeks since I’ve decided to take the pharmacotherapy approach to this therapy thing. This is the first round of dosage but I must say the ride has been nice so far. Now this isn’t the first time. It was recommended I try this, ummm, in 2012. But I popped one and said nope they won’t work. Discarded the bottle.

But I reached some tough days a few weeks back and ran outta other options. Big Daddy supported the option. My therapist was for it. So I made the appointment. My dosage ups tomorrow for the first time. You ready? I am.

Notes: I feel great. Even when I’m upset, I’m not sad. I’m more honest. Or upfront. Not completely out my shell, not that I would know cause I never have been. But I feel it cracking.