We Overcome

“As history has shown, we are a resilient people. We overcome.” 

As an educated African American who was diagnosed with depression November 2012, I struggle with the battle to overcome. I was the only Black student in my graduate courses. Obtaining a PhD in Nanoscale Science became difficult because of the battles I was fighting daily. I have since ventured off into a new career pathway and am succeeding.

But why can’t I overcome.
The pain.
The hurt.
The memories.
I seldom remember the genuine smiles due to the overload of fabricated happiness I developed to mask my scarred soul.
But I must overcome.
Not just for me. But to be able to be an example for the students I teach so that they aren’t the next ones gunned down in the streets.
#IfIWasGunnedDown I’m not worried about which picture they’ll see.
Just worried about the memories I leave with the ones who truly knew me.
Would you remember my name, my laugh, my face.
If I was leaving a hurt world for a happier place?
I am resilient. I will overcome.
If not for my people. Then for myself.
For we both have been hurt and its time to right all the wrong that has been done.
Done. Resilient. We will OVERCOME.


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