Sister Wife or Hobby Pt 1

sister wifeWin.Lose.Tie. You’re supposed to be my ride or die. As I continue to develop into the superwoman that I am, I always arrive at the point where I am wishing I had a best friend. I’ve never really had one up til this point and even though it might have bothered me before I found distractions and ways to cope. Now that I’m of age, I’m more so trying to decipher between wanting a special friend and  just needing a new hobby.I just don’t do well with the inconsistencies. One day you’re here and happy, the next we have this underlying beef that comes out of nowhere. Too much confusion for me. Then comes this lust for females. And me being interested in your pretty face or fat ass doesn’t mask the stupidity that comes out your mouth. see…difficult right?!

So I’m going to continue this journey until I find my ideal sister wife.


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