SisterWife or Hobby pt.3

My luck with finding a SisterWife has been equivalent to infinity times zero. That’s right.Zero, nothing, doesn’t exist. A woman worth pleasure, joy and a good time without providing the hassle, headache or constant reminder that females are some unstable creatures, nope she’s not out there. So maybe I need another distraction. I’ve recently made a sorority paddle for one of my coworkers. My creative interest in the task was about 40/60. But it did spark conversation with my Pops about a graphic vinyl cutter. He’s looking to do car and motorcycle graphics but I could do shirts, modpodge some paddles, and who knows what else. I have to research what we need first though; cause this man will buy the first printer that looks good on Ebay.

SisterWife or Hobby pt 2

Cosima and DelphineI have this coworker right?! I think she’s cute and she knows it. After the playful flirting and numerous gym appointments. I’m ready for this to go somewhere. As I sit on my couch I daydream about what she would do if I kissed her. Walked into her empty classroom and caress her lips. Can she handle it?

I knock on the door. She opens.

“What you want?”

“You.” Continue reading


WhoGotNext.Net Exclusive Video @JusJoose – Believe It


North Carolina native and Bricksquad member JusJoose releases the first video of his upcoming project. Video shot by Cashmerely and Ashley Milburn. Video includes cameos from Fetty Wap, Frenchie and more.


From SideChick to SisterWife

 “She’s your girlfriend not mine” 

This was the line I used to excuse myself from all the relationship drama that might unfold from the naughty acts I was involved in. After always having or wanting a boyfriend, there came a time where I was ready for some fun. The “no strings attached” type of fun. And that’s when I met him.

6001247a89a15a5f547226b388bca3b9After a few flirtatious tweets and our always hilarious interactions I was elated when I received the invite out for drinks. Drinks led to laughs. Laughs led to stories. Stories just brightened my smile. He then tells me that he has a girlfriend (like I didn’t already know), but he wants me to be his “boo” . o_O  

Once he finished telling me what these duties would consistent of, I finished my Jack and Coke and happily responded “Yes, Big Daddy.”

To be continued…