From SideChick to SisterWife

 “She’s your girlfriend not mine” 

This was the line I used to excuse myself from all the relationship drama that might unfold from the naughty acts I was involved in. After always having or wanting a boyfriend, there came a time where I was ready for some fun. The “no strings attached” type of fun. And that’s when I met him.

6001247a89a15a5f547226b388bca3b9After a few flirtatious tweets and our always hilarious interactions I was elated when I received the invite out for drinks. Drinks led to laughs. Laughs led to stories. Stories just brightened my smile. He then tells me that he has a girlfriend (like I didn’t already know), but he wants me to be his “boo” . o_O  

Once he finished telling me what these duties would consistent of, I finished my Jack and Coke and happily responded “Yes, Big Daddy.”

To be continued…


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