SisterWife or Hobby pt 2

Cosima and DelphineI have this coworker right?! I think she’s cute and she knows it. After the playful flirting and numerous gym appointments. I’m ready for this to go somewhere. As I sit on my couch I daydream about what she would do if I kissed her. Walked into her empty classroom and caress her lips. Can she handle it?

I knock on the door. She opens.

“What you want?”


I wake up.

Lately my dreams have been extremely vivid. Leaving behind mental and emotional residue that sparks my daily activities. So it’s time to act. 

It’s Tuesday morning. 8:23am to be exact. Neither one of us has students, nothing but space, time, and opportunity. She walks up behind me, smelling as sweet as usual. Just my luck that I need a ride home from work today. Fast forward…

She takes me home. On the way she grabs a bite to eat and offers me a taste (not what I wanted lol) I decline. and ask “What else you got?” 🙂 Over the next few days the games continue. The goodmornings and gym invites. The flirtatious body contact and bright white smiles. Little does she know, I’m not the one who chases. 

My infatuation with her assets are not enough to keep me playing her game. My interest slowly begins to fade. And now that I’m no longer phased by her physique…

She’s crawling back looking for some attention.

Second Chance ? We’ll see.



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