Mixed Feelings

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post all week. And I have nothing to talk about. Well not NOTHING, but I don’t think I KNOW what I want to talk about. The fact that I’m ecstatic that there are 3 more days remaining in my school year (#EducatorLife); or should I talk about how I have bittersweet butterflies thanks to this move next week.Big Daddy has been making MAJOR moves lately which has kept me motivated. So what is it that’s knocking my vibe off? -_-Now that I sit here and actually think about how I feel. I’m nervous. Retiring from my full-time career to go back to school. This is really what I want.I just think it’s “the old me” trying to doubt my dreams and the current pathway that I’m on. I’m so used to second guessing everything, that this current wave of spontaneous activity caught be off guard.But,

I’ve been doing great so far, why stop now? Right? Right.

So let me stop bugging. Roll this L. Catch this flight. and enjoy my Friday night. (hope you are as well Sugar Kubes)

Thanks for the company


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