Peach Skittles


peach skittleshot, yet hidden, topic is “mental illness in the Black community“.

Trying to force society to have a common perception when it comes to problems within one culture is tough in itself. So how do you prove something exists? You provide evidence. 


Since I’ve decided to take charge of my happiness and do what is necessary for me, things have truly taken a turn for the better. Making the decision to enter the pharmacotherapy realm was one of the biggest and best risks I could have taken. With each skittle’s flavor providing different states of euphoria, I had to settle on a fave. Peach. A bag of peach skittles allows me to be free. Now, don’t think EVERY day is peachy keen cause of course, life just doesn’t work that way.

The odds are just more in your favor. And I’d  bet all in, errtime

I guess what I’m trying to say is, “it’s okay to not be okay”. You will prosper as long as you’re okay WAY MORE than you’re not okay. Do what YOU have to do to get there. 

Jessie J “Who You Are”


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