SisterWife or Hobby Series…

Hello Sugar Kubes,

Long time, no TEA. 🙂

Yes, it has been a while since we’ve had a fresh pot. But the ingredients just haven’t been there. Before we continue the series I would like to inform you of a new change. We are changing the name to #LookingForLola. Why?

Originally, the series of posts were to tell the journey that I embark on while trying to understand if my new interest in females was authentic or if it was a result of boredom.

lolaI’ve decided. It’s real. lol. So all future posts will be directed towards that. Finding a SisterWife. Or at least exploring the options to see what I want in one. I call her Lola.
Why? Because I want her to parallel Lola Bunny. Now, you’re expecting me to describe what that entails. Read the series to find out.




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