@BynkRadio talks with @Cashmerely_ & @RealJPierce

Happy Motivation Monday Sugar Kubes,

What are your dreams? Are you chasing them? If you aren’t, here’s some inspiration to hopefully change that. Treblemaka (BYNK Radio) sat down with Bricksquad Boyz member Cashmerely and Midwest Artist of the Year J.Pierce for an intriguing one hour interview. 

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They discussed favorites from their  joint project “Deal on the Table” and announced that they have another tape coming soon produced by 808 Mafia.

This hour is both informational as well as enjoyable.

Take the time indulge, it’s a pretty good cup.


@FrenchieBSM and @JusJoose Exclusive Interview

“On a real nigga. I’m a real nigga. I run around with them real niggas” – Nicki Minaj

So who are those real niggas? I know one. You may know him as F-R-E-N-C-H-I-E.

Without him, there would be no Nicki.

A kandid Karahmel Tea Time with original Bricksquad member Frenchie and “Hello World Shawty” Jus Joose. Now our older sugar kubes may love Frenchie for his first professionally produced record “Shirt Off” and for the younger kubes, his new track with FettyWap and Remy Boy Monty, “Free Gucci” is def for you. NC native Jus Joose has progressed from a renown producer to a successful artist, dually achieving at both.

“I love my niggas who want to help themselves.” Words used when asked about the relationship between Frenchie and Jus Joose. Their joint successes are nothing short of amazing. Check out the interview to find out more about Frenchie, Jus Joose, Bricksquad Boyz and more.




From Indy to Beyond

SaveTheDateSugar Kubes,

How are you guys doing? No, really, how are you? Take the time to ask yourself and if the answer is anything other than you what you want it to be, do something about it. 🙂 ❤

Now, as one of my sugar kubes,  you are a integral part of what keeps Karahmel Tea going. SO, when it comes to big moves, it’s only right I tell you first. Right? Cool. 

Big Daddy asked me to marry him. Like for-real, for-real. He asked a little while ago, now don’t hold it against me for keeping this cup of tea and enjoying it myself. But now that I understand the nourishment that it’s providing for my soul, it’s selfish of me not to share.