[EP] Livin Pass Greatness x @cashmerely_ and @kokaine313

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzQzNKjESug&feature=youtu.be   Seven mark completion. That's all the tracks needed to make this work of art. LPG, an acronym with roots deeper than the length of this article, is a lifestyle for Cashmerely and Kokaine. Karahmel Tea was lucky enough to get behind the scenes of the "Soup" video shoot. "Soup", the first song off … Continue reading [EP] Livin Pass Greatness x @cashmerely_ and @kokaine313


Take One, or Five

When you feel yourself getting anxious, stop. Take a minute to get yourself together. If you need more, take five minutes. That five minutes should be dedicated to focusing on your breathing and slowing your heart rate. Once your break ends, focus on ONE thing and continue on with your day.