Looking for Lola | pt V

Without the rain, you can’t appreciate the rays of the sunshine. So thanks to her timing,  we’ll call her Sunshine. 🌞

Plans had been set for the weekend. And by plans I don’t mean your traditional dinner and a  movie. Even though there would be tons of eating involved. 😏 But that fell through and in came the clouds. Darkening up my sex life. 

Next thing I know. Phone buzzes. New Text Message. This one girl had been slowly creeping into Big Daddy’s DMs (cues Gucci) ans becoming fascinated with his music,art and everything else he’d been doing. So…I had invited her to “celebrate” with us, with the way my hormones had prepared for the weekend, I had to.

Sake. Moonshine. 4 grams of Girl scout cookies. Plum wine. Netflix. The necessary ingredients for breaking the ice. It was the massage train that sent us swimming. She was more animated than anticipated, moaning with every thrust, demanding more of me, less of him, more of him with me over there. Let’s just say for it to be a little after midnight, the sunshine rays def provide enough light to see through to the morning. 


Just keep swimming

Today I feel like a duck. Like people are watching me coast along with the ripples of the water, while I kick my legs profusely to get to the other side. While it seems as though I’m making directional progress, when you take into account where I should’ve been by now, I’ve gotten nowhere. Today. It got to me. I don’t know why I’m kicking, or where I wanna be. I just know today, I don’t wanna be a duck.