Auto-Pilot: OFF

Today I had a very successful, long awaited therapy session. One of the best moves I’ve made in this mental battle is finding and sticking with someone who truly has allowed me
open up and be myself. And yes, I know that’s what they are supposed to do. But, this isn’t a “one size fits all situation“. It takes trust, compassion, and chemistry for a therapy session to work The passing of my grandmother was a trigger to a full clip of emotions. Even with acceptance and understanding what’s best for her well-being, it’s hard.

But after today’s session, I’m open to a new array of possibilities in life. I’ve been on this journey adjusting my course according to the navigating abilities of others and it’s time I turn off the auto-pilot. Been going through life thinking I’m alone, with no one in my corner and every time I realized it was true, it hurt even more. So maybe I am alone. It’s time to accept it and act accordingly. I’m tired of allowing the actions of others to impact how I going about my own shit. For that reason, I hate everyone.  My task is to evaluate different aspects of my life according to their value and how satisfied I am with it. The first steps to making sure I make the right moves. Finding out what is most valuable, to me. It’s selfish…and that’s okay.


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