…does true love still exist?

Sometimes I feel like I’m a fool for believing that true love still exists and others I’m grateful for warmth provided by its sunshine. Today, I’m in between. In a matter of seconds what I think is pure, real, and genuine; feels like a product of my imagination combined with all that I want to be right with the world. I feel real love shouldn’t be forced or come laced with conditions. Real love should eradicate any doubt or feeling that leaves you wondering if it’s really meant to be. Not just on the good days either. But everyday. When you see the prettier or more muscular being, you shouldn’t have to reconsider if you’re missing out. The thought shouldn’t even cross your mind. I feel when you really love someone, on their worst days, they are still the best choice that you could have ever made. To surrender your heart to them with no hesitation will be a decision made with no regret.


Some people say that you should make your partner feel as if there is no one that can take their place. But I think its more than that. They should feel that no one else can and that you wouldn’t want someone else to be able to. They should never feel inadequate. They should not be forced to put their best foot forward everyday from fear of losing the one they love; but should strive to be the best because it mirrors how you make them feel. The worst feeling is realizing how someone truly feels is masked by what they believe should be displayed. Honesty goes deeper than what you say and do, it needs to express what you truly feel. With that being said…does true love still exist?


Baby Cub might wanna be a kickboxer

I’m officially 24 weeks prego today. Baby Cub has been kicking my ass…literally. He goes through a few spins and then just starts kicking or punching. I feel like he just posts up and cross his legs trying to see if I’m going to move him. I went to see the nutritionist earlier this week and for the first time I cried happy tears when talking about breastfeeding. I really began anticipating him getting here. Though I feel he’s gonna get here and think he’s running things. I can’t wait. I’ve up’d my walking and it def wears me out but I’ll do all I can in order to make sure he gets here on time and healthy. ¬†We’ve set the baby shower date for a Saturday in July and I plan on taking at least two beach vacations before then.

Our Cub is a…

Last week was one of the most exciting days of my life. I went for my 20 week prenatal appointment at which I had my anatomy ultrasound. We had decided that we would wait on viewing the gender right then and would find out with a gender reveal that our friends were throwing for us. The appointment was at 10 that morning and the balloon pop wasn’t scheduled until 6:00 that evening. I must say that this was the longest 8 hours I had ever experienced. The ultrasound was amazing and the nurse said that our little cub was progressing right along with no complications. My due date was even pushed up two whole weeks. (YAY!) A day or two before the ultrasound was the first time I felt the baby move and during the ultrasound the flipping wouldn’t stop. Our cub greeted us with a hand wave at the beginning before curling up in the fetal position as soon as the nurse starting assessing it’s gender.

All day I was excited/anxious/nervous about what we would find out. We said we didn’t care what we were having but I was still nervous about whether or not Big Daddy would be satisfied. When the moment came, we posed for a few pictures then waited for the countdown…one…two…three…the black balloon soon became a cloud of Blue (with hints of Gold) confetti! With screams, smiles, and a quirky dance…we were notified of our baby boy. The soon to be new addition to our Pride.

(Note: Big Daddy and I’s birthdays are August 3rd and 4th, respectively. Our baby cub is scheduled to be here August 12th. A house full of Lions and we can’t wait)