Nothing but Natural…

I’ve been scrolling Pinterest trying to find some life tips and advice on how to tackle this pregnancy journey. From diet tips to pre-natal exercises, I’m absorbing it all. After doing naturala ton of research and thanks to my fear of needles, I’ve decided to aim for an au naturale delivery route. Almost everyone that I speak to are in favor of the epidural, even without me telling them my goal. But I’m determined to not let these stories scare me away. It makes me even more motivated. From developing a motivational birth plan to incorporating an essential oil infused crock pot in the process, I’m down for whatever will make this the greatest experience ever. I’m sure there will be pain, screams and a little bit of regret at some times but I’ve already warned my partner and I’m down for the ride. With this being my first born, I want to give him the chance to come into this world however he may please. I want it to be nothing but natural.


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