Third Trimester…hooray!

With most of the women that I have spoke to, when they reach this stage of their pregnancy they’re just ready to get it over with. Thank goodness mine has not been that stressful thus far. My feet just started swelling and I only noticed because I couldn’t fit a pair of my cute brown wedges. HaHa. I may be ready for it to be over but that’s just cause I’m ready to meet my little prince. So far my prenatal visits have been every four weeks…but after today, we have progressed to them now being every two weeks, HOW EXCITING!!! I received my first vaccine and took the dreaded glucose test (which wasn’t TOO bad/I had fruit punch flavor).

At this point the excitement/anxiety/emotions are starting to kick in. Big Daddy and I bought some of the prince’s first outfits/necessities and I think it’s all becoming so real. Slowly but surely I am definitely trying to prepare for what’s to come. From the overwhelming amount of family love and presence to being the best mom I can be, I don’t think there’s enough Pinterest boards to make me feel ready. But ready is definitely what I am. I think. 🙂


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