It Hurts…

What do you do when someone hurts you? But you can’t find the words to explain to them exactly what hurts. Do you ignore the heart-wrenching emotion that clouds your mind as every minute passes or do you constantly spend time trying to figure out what to say?What actually hurts about it. I can’t decipher between the act or the process in which the act occurred. All I know is, it hurts because the “what if” keeps playing over and over again in my head. One minute I don’t care and the next I’m on the verge of tears. At times, I realize it’s just a bump in the road and others I’m ready to give up everything I’ve gained on this journey so far. Every attempt I’ve made to discuss the situation and attempt to feel better has failed me. At this point I’m at a loss for words, emotions and actions. I’m just at a standstill. Still feeling like taking a stand yet sitting still.


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