SideChick to SisterWife Series| Meet Jade

I meet Jade on this social dating app. Like other girls, we sent a few messages back and forth then finally exchanged numbers and social media info. But unlike most other girls, when I started following her on Instagram I was even more attracted. Golden dipped sista locs, red-painted lips, and a smile that breathes … Continue reading SideChick to SisterWife Series| Meet Jade


It Hurts…

What do you do when someone hurts you? But you can't find the words to explain to them exactly what hurts. Do you ignore the heart-wrenching emotion that clouds your mind as every minute passes or do you constantly spend time trying to figure out what to say?What actually hurts about it. I can't decipher … Continue reading It Hurts…


"..To find what I truly want and what I believe LIFE can provide for me. What I want to exist in MY eternity. I'm find MY HAPPY and To break free from captivity. "


If you don't support someone the way they want you to support them, does it count? If you're giving someone all of what you have but it's none of what they need, have you really helped?