Moments like this I wish I had a best friend. Someone I can just confide in and just be an ear. Preferably of the same sex. Cause yeah I have a fiancé, but things just aren’t the same when you’re explaining what’s going on in that messed up head of yours. Trying to find the balance between being honest about feelings and not feeling like a total wuss. Though he wouldn’t make me feel that way intentionally, just some things he don’t understand. Or can’t, cause he’s a dude. Whatever I guess. Just would be nice you know?! Maybe I just need a getaway, some new headspace. 

[EP] Livin Pass Greatness x @cashmerely_ and @kokaine313


Seven mark completion. That’s all the tracks needed to make this work of art. LPG, an acronym with roots deeper than the length of this article, is a lifestyle for Cashmerely and Kokaine. Karahmel Tea was lucky enough to get behind the scenes of the “Soup” video shoot. “Soup”, the first song off the EP, has an upbeat bop to eat and was a great track to hear over and over at the shoot.

This EP is a taste of the Pop side of things for both artists. Be sure to check out the songs and bonus mixes.

Livin Pass Greatness

@FrenchieBSM and @JusJoose Exclusive Interview

“On a real nigga. I’m a real nigga. I run around with them real niggas” – Nicki Minaj

So who are those real niggas? I know one. You may know him as F-R-E-N-C-H-I-E.

Without him, there would be no Nicki.

A kandid Karahmel Tea Time with original Bricksquad member Frenchie and “Hello World Shawty” Jus Joose. Now our older sugar kubes may love Frenchie for his first professionally produced record “Shirt Off” and for the younger kubes, his new track with FettyWap and Remy Boy Monty, “Free Gucci” is def for you. NC native Jus Joose has progressed from a renown producer to a successful artist, dually achieving at both.

“I love my niggas who want to help themselves.” Words used when asked about the relationship between Frenchie and Jus Joose. Their joint successes are nothing short of amazing. Check out the interview to find out more about Frenchie, Jus Joose, Bricksquad Boyz and more.




Mixed Feelings

I’ve been wanting to write a blog post all week. And I have nothing to talk about. Well not NOTHING, but I don’t think I KNOW what I want to talk about. The fact that I’m ecstatic that there are 3 more days remaining in my school year (#EducatorLife); or should I talk about how I have bittersweet butterflies thanks to this move next week.Big Daddy has been making MAJOR moves lately which has kept me motivated. So what is it that’s knocking my vibe off? -_- Continue reading


Misunderstanding the Internal Struggle Pt 1

Do you know what it feels like to lose in competition with yourself, damn near every day of your life? To hesitate at letting anyone know the pain you feel within from fear that they’ll never understand . Then when you’ve gathered all courage to try and explain a sliver of the issue it’s , “You just think too much.”, “It’s not that serious”, or “You have nothing to be upset about”. Not that I’m angry at the statements made or anything….but, muthafxcka that’s why I didn’t want to talk in the first place.  Continue reading