Our Cub is a…

Last week was one of the most exciting days of my life. I went for my 20 week prenatal appointment at which I had my anatomy ultrasound. We had decided that we would wait on viewing the gender right then and would find out with a gender reveal that our friends were throwing for us. The appointment was at 10 that morning and the balloon pop wasn’t scheduled until 6:00 that evening. I must say that this was the longest 8 hours I had ever experienced. The ultrasound was amazing and the nurse said that our little cub was progressing right along with no complications. My due date was even pushed up two whole weeks. (YAY!) A day or two before the ultrasound was the first time I felt the baby move and during the ultrasound the flipping wouldn’t stop. Our cub greeted us with a hand wave at the beginning before curling up in the fetal position as soon as the nurse starting assessing it’s gender.

All day I was excited/anxious/nervous about what we would find out. We said we didn’t care what we were having but I was still nervous about whether or not Big Daddy would be satisfied. When the moment came, we posed for a few pictures then waited for the countdown…one…two…three…the black balloon soon became a cloud of Blue (with hints of Gold) confetti! With screams, smiles, and a quirky dance…we were notified of our baby boy. The soon to be new addition to our Pride.

(Note: Big Daddy and I’s birthdays are August 3rd and 4th, respectively. Our baby cub is scheduled to be here August 12th. A house full of Lions and we can’t wait)


“Oh Shit”

All week I’ve been feeling like shit. ¬†Today I finally mustered up the guts to pee on a baby stick. The fibers turn pink. (One of ClearBlue’s new features). I start to put the cap on and then blurted out “Oh Shit”.

Not because of the results but because the test was done in like 30 seconds. I just knew I would have time to cap it, shower, and check my results as I dry off. But the positive, plus sign popped right on up. Guess we didn’t knock on wood hard enough when anyone even implied that a baby was on the way. But now that we have our own little heir in the making we couldn’t be happier. It shows in our conversation, hugs and daily jokes. Babe even said ” Look at us being in love for real, all it took was a baby”. Smh. I definitely can’t wait for this journey, but think Ima hold off on the public service announcements for now.

Signing off,

Empress Mommy Cash

Looking for Lola | pt V

Without the rain, you can’t appreciate the rays of the sunshine. So thanks to her timing,  we’ll call her Sunshine. ūüĆě

Plans had been set for the weekend. And by plans I don’t mean your traditional dinner and a  movie. Even though there would be tons of eating involved. ūüėŹ But that fell through and in came the clouds. Darkening up my sex life. 

Next thing I know. Phone buzzes. New Text Message. This one girl had been slowly creeping into Big Daddy’s DMs (cues Gucci) ans becoming fascinated with his music,art and everything else he’d been doing. So…I had invited her to “celebrate” with us, with the way my hormones had prepared for the weekend, I had to.

Sake. Moonshine. 4 grams of Girl scout cookies. Plum wine. Netflix. The necessary ingredients for breaking the ice. It was the massage train that sent us swimming. She was more animated than anticipated, moaning with every thrust, demanding more of me, less of him, more of him with me over there. Let’s just say for it to be a little after midnight, the sunshine rays def provide enough light to see through to the morning. 


@BynkRadio talks with @Cashmerely_ & @RealJPierce

Happy Motivation Monday Sugar Kubes,

What are your dreams? Are you chasing them? If you aren’t, here’s some inspiration to hopefully change that. Treblemaka (BYNK Radio) sat down with Bricksquad Boyz member Cashmerely and Midwest Artist of the Year J.Pierce for an intriguing one hour interview.¬†

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 9.21.59 PM

They discussed favorites from their¬†¬†joint project “Deal on the Table” and announced that they have another tape¬†coming soon produced by 808 Mafia.

This hour is both informational as well as enjoyable.

Take the time indulge, it’s a pretty good cup.


@FrenchieBSM and @JusJoose Exclusive Interview

“On a real nigga. I’m a real nigga. I run around with them real niggas” – Nicki Minaj

So who are those real niggas? I know one. You may know him as F-R-E-N-C-H-I-E.

Without him, there would be no Nicki.

A kandid Karahmel Tea Time with original Bricksquad member Frenchie and “Hello World Shawty” Jus Joose. Now our older sugar kubes may love Frenchie¬†for his first professionally produced record “Shirt Off” and for the younger kubes, his new track with FettyWap and Remy Boy Monty, “Free Gucci” is def for you. NC native Jus Joose has progressed from a renown producer to a successful artist, dually achieving at both.

“I love my niggas who want to help themselves.” Words used when asked about the relationship between Frenchie and Jus Joose. Their joint successes are nothing short of amazing. Check out the interview to find out more about Frenchie, Jus Joose, Bricksquad Boyz and more.




@Cashmerely_ ‚ÄĒ WhoGotNext?

Original Bricksquad member Frenchie and his artist JusJoose of Bricksquad Monopoly came together to form the Bricksquad Boyz. Bricksquad Boyz newest member Cashmerely speaks with Charlottes Power 104 about the title of his newest project ‚ÄúRoad to Riches and Diamond Rings‚ÄĚ and the meaning behind it Twitter.com/Cashmerely_¬†Instagram.com/Cashmerely

via (Interview)¬†@Cashmerely_ ‚ÄĒ WhoGotNext?


WhoGotNext.Net Exclusive Video @JusJoose ‚Äď Believe It


North Carolina native and Bricksquad member JusJoose releases the first video of his upcoming project. Video shot by Cashmerely and Ashley Milburn. Video includes cameos from Fetty Wap, Frenchie and more.


Perception of Identity 

So today I am lucky enough to be featured as a guest speaker on Power 104.4 radio’s “Who Got Next?” segment. My shy ass. ¬†I told Cash (the host) I was nervous but of course we proceeded on. Started off short with my words but eventually eased on in to it. Brought me back to my step show days. People wouldn’t understand how I’m quiet in person but able to perform on stage. It’s all about perception. People only know the YOU that YOU allow them to know.

 Perception of Identity. Lightbulb!

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