Third Trimester…hooray!

With most of the women that I have spoke to, when they reach this stage of their pregnancy they’re just ready to get it over with. Thank goodness mine has not been that stressful thus far. My feet just started swelling and I only noticed because I couldn’t fit a pair of my cute brown wedges. HaHa. I may be ready for it to be over but that’s just cause I’m ready to meet my little prince. So far my prenatal visits have been every four weeks…but after today, we have progressed to them now being every two weeks, HOW EXCITING!!! I received my first vaccine and took the dreaded glucose test (which wasn’t TOO bad/I had fruit punch flavor).

At this point the excitement/anxiety/emotions are starting to kick in. Big Daddy and I bought some of the prince’s first outfits/necessities and I think it’s all becoming so real. Slowly but surely I am definitely trying to prepare for what’s to come. From the overwhelming amount of family love and presence to being the best mom I can be, I don’t think there’s enough Pinterest boards to make me feel ready. But ready is definitely what I am. I think. 🙂


Nothing but Natural…

I’ve been scrolling Pinterest trying to find some life tips and advice on how to tackle this pregnancy journey. From diet tips to pre-natal exercises, I’m absorbing it all. After doing naturala ton of research and thanks to my fear of needles, I’ve decided to aim for an au naturale delivery route. Almost everyone that I speak to are in favor of the epidural, even without me telling them my goal. But I’m determined to not let these stories scare me away. It makes me even more motivated. From developing a motivational birth plan to incorporating an essential oil infused crock pot in the process, I’m down for whatever will make this the greatest experience ever. I’m sure there will be pain, screams and a little bit of regret at some times but I’ve already warned my partner and I’m down for the ride. With this being my first born, I want to give him the chance to come into this world however he may please. I want it to be nothing but natural.


Baby Cub might wanna be a kickboxer

I’m officially 24 weeks prego today. Baby Cub has been kicking my ass…literally. He goes through a few spins and then just starts kicking or punching. I feel like he just posts up and cross his legs trying to see if I’m going to move him. I went to see the nutritionist earlier this week and for the first time I cried happy tears when talking about breastfeeding. I really began anticipating him getting here. Though I feel he’s gonna get here and think he’s running things. I can’t wait. I’ve up’d my walking and it def wears me out but I’ll do all I can in order to make sure he gets here on time and healthy.  We’ve set the baby shower date for a Saturday in July and I plan on taking at least two beach vacations before then.

Our Cub is a…

Last week was one of the most exciting days of my life. I went for my 20 week prenatal appointment at which I had my anatomy ultrasound. We had decided that we would wait on viewing the gender right then and would find out with a gender reveal that our friends were throwing for us. The appointment was at 10 that morning and the balloon pop wasn’t scheduled until 6:00 that evening. I must say that this was the longest 8 hours I had ever experienced. The ultrasound was amazing and the nurse said that our little cub was progressing right along with no complications. My due date was even pushed up two whole weeks. (YAY!) A day or two before the ultrasound was the first time I felt the baby move and during the ultrasound the flipping wouldn’t stop. Our cub greeted us with a hand wave at the beginning before curling up in the fetal position as soon as the nurse starting assessing it’s gender.

All day I was excited/anxious/nervous about what we would find out. We said we didn’t care what we were having but I was still nervous about whether or not Big Daddy would be satisfied. When the moment came, we posed for a few pictures then waited for the countdown…one…two…three…the black balloon soon became a cloud of Blue (with hints of Gold) confetti! With screams, smiles, and a quirky dance…we were notified of our baby boy. The soon to be new addition to our Pride.

(Note: Big Daddy and I’s birthdays are August 3rd and 4th, respectively. Our baby cub is scheduled to be here August 12th. A house full of Lions and we can’t wait)


End of Trimester One

Kubes!!! What’s up!

My cub is now 13 weeks along.. The nausea and upchucking has gotten a lot better thanks to a prescription I got from my ObGyn. As I progress along the one thing I wish is that my grandmother was here to witness this with me. Though in my pure heart I feel this would not have been possible had her soul still  been here on earth. I thank my Nana for my blessing and thank my Goddess for the gift. Pregnancy teaches a lot of lessons or maybe it just blows away the gray clouds allowing a clear view. Either way, I hope I learn how to deal or cope with the surrounding changes. and soon.


Everything but The Baby

Today has been my roughest day so far. Laid around most of the morning, only to get called into work early. Thought I had it, tryna be SUPERWOMAN, boy was I wrong. Ended up leaving work early. Went to the grocery store and picked up and few things that I hoped to keep down. After regurgitating my insides twice at work, I felt weak, laid in the bottom of my shower the entire time. Yes my shower, not bath lol. Got out all squeaky clean, only to be heaving over the porcelain bowl. Tuna sandwich, cucumbers, Cheerios, nothing helped. Today I swear I threw up everything but the baby. Who has some morning sickness remedies? I heard something about lollipops at Babies R Us. 


“Oh Shit”

All week I’ve been feeling like shit.  Today I finally mustered up the guts to pee on a baby stick. The fibers turn pink. (One of ClearBlue’s new features). I start to put the cap on and then blurted out “Oh Shit”.

Not because of the results but because the test was done in like 30 seconds. I just knew I would have time to cap it, shower, and check my results as I dry off. But the positive, plus sign popped right on up. Guess we didn’t knock on wood hard enough when anyone even implied that a baby was on the way. But now that we have our own little heir in the making we couldn’t be happier. It shows in our conversation, hugs and daily jokes. Babe even said ” Look at us being in love for real, all it took was a baby”. Smh. I definitely can’t wait for this journey, but think Ima hold off on the public service announcements for now.

Signing off,

Empress Mommy Cash