Closer I Get to You

The closer I get to the delivery date (25 days) the more nervous I get. My pregnancy has been quite enjoyable the last 8+ months so you would think the rest would be easy sailing. That's definitely what I'm hoping for. But who wouldn't get nervous about pushing a whole baby out their body? I … Continue reading Closer I Get to You


It Hurts…

What do you do when someone hurts you? But you can't find the words to explain to them exactly what hurts. Do you ignore the heart-wrenching emotion that clouds your mind as every minute passes or do you constantly spend time trying to figure out what to say?What actually hurts about it. I can't decipher … Continue reading It Hurts…


If you don't support someone the way they want you to support them, does it count? If you're giving someone all of what you have but it's none of what they need, have you really helped?