SisterWife or Hobby Series…

Hello Sugar Kubes,

Long time, no TEA. 🙂

Yes, it has been a while since we’ve had a fresh pot. But the ingredients just haven’t been there. Before we continue the series I would like to inform you of a new change. We are changing the name to #LookingForLola. Why?

Originally, the series of posts were to tell the journey that I embark on while trying to understand if my new interest in females was authentic or if it was a result of boredom.

lolaI’ve decided. It’s real. lol. So all future posts will be directed towards that. Finding a SisterWife. Or at least exploring the options to see what I want in one. I call her Lola.
Why? Because I want her to parallel Lola Bunny. Now, you’re expecting me to describe what that entails. Read the series to find out.



SisterWife or Hobby pt. 4

You’d be surprised what watching-your-man-fuck-another-girl could do for your sex life! Now I bet 3/4 of my readers are like, “Oh,Nah. This bitch crazy! She’s asking for trouble.”. Now that I may be true,at times. and that’s exactly what I did…invited in some trouble. But trust, I have experiments that confirm my theory. I’ve always had this wish to sit back and watch Big Daddy fuck another girl. Why?! For sexual pleasure of course. I realized how much I liked it when we had a threesome together. :). OAN, I can tell when he needs some new pussy in his life. So I called up this girl who I knew for a fact wanted BDD. Actions and conversations started to make me think she was all talk. A lot of girls aren’t about the life they claim they are. Eventually, she pulled up tho.

Netflix & chill session takes place. Ls get rolled and burned. I swear I was the highest I’ve ever been. Well not ever, but I was high as shit. High leads to horny which leads to hands going where your mouth shouldn’t. Then your mouth ends up there anyway.

Lights. Camera. Action.

I sit back and enjoy my live erotic film. He thrusts. She moans. Fighting screams. I’m so turned on. It continues from the night to the early hours of the morning. After watching him,  I’m left craving him more than ever.

Ready to give him every ounce of my inside, however he may like it.


SisterWife or Hobby pt.3

My luck with finding a SisterWife has been equivalent to infinity times zero. That’s right.Zero, nothing, doesn’t exist. A woman worth pleasure, joy and a good time without providing the hassle, headache or constant reminder that females are some unstable creatures, nope she’s not out there. So maybe I need another distraction. I’ve recently made a sorority paddle for one of my coworkers. My creative interest in the task was about 40/60. But it did spark conversation with my Pops about a graphic vinyl cutter. He’s looking to do car and motorcycle graphics but I could do shirts, modpodge some paddles, and who knows what else. I have to research what we need first though; cause this man will buy the first printer that looks good on Ebay.

SisterWife or Hobby pt 2

Cosima and DelphineI have this coworker right?! I think she’s cute and she knows it. After the playful flirting and numerous gym appointments. I’m ready for this to go somewhere. As I sit on my couch I daydream about what she would do if I kissed her. Walked into her empty classroom and caress her lips. Can she handle it?

I knock on the door. She opens.

“What you want?”

“You.” Continue reading

Sister Wife or Hobby Pt 1

sister wifeWin.Lose.Tie. You’re supposed to be my ride or die. As I continue to develop into the superwoman that I am, I always arrive at the point where I am wishing I had a best friend. I’ve never really had one up til this point and even though it might have bothered me before I found distractions and ways to cope. Now that I’m of age, I’m more so trying to decipher between wanting a special friend and  just needing a new hobby. Continue reading