SideChick to SisterWife Series| Meet Jade

I meet Jade on this social dating app. Like other girls, we sent a few messages back and forth then finally exchanged numbers and social media info. But unlike most other girls, when I started following her on Instagram I was even more attracted. Golden dipped sista locs, red-painted lips, and a smile that breathes … Continue reading SideChick to SisterWife Series| Meet Jade


SisterWife or Hobby Series…

Hello Sugar Kubes, Long time, no TEA. 🙂 Yes, it has been a while since we've had a fresh pot. But the ingredients just haven't been there. Before we continue the series I would like to inform you of a new change. We are changing the name to #LookingForLola. Why? Originally, the series of posts … Continue reading SisterWife or Hobby Series…

SisterWife or Hobby pt. 4

You'd be surprised what watching-your-man-fuck-another-girl could do for your sex life! Now I bet 3/4 of my readers are like, "Oh,Nah. This bitch crazy! She's asking for trouble.". Now that I may be true,at times. and that's exactly what I did...invited in some trouble. But trust, I have experiments that confirm my theory. I've always … Continue reading SisterWife or Hobby pt. 4


SisterWife or Hobby pt.3

My luck with finding a SisterWife has been equivalent to infinity times zero. That's right.Zero, nothing, doesn't exist. A woman worth pleasure, joy and a good time without providing the hassle, headache or constant reminder that females are some unstable creatures, nope she's not out there. So maybe I need another distraction. I've recently made … Continue reading SisterWife or Hobby pt.3


SisterWife or Hobby pt 2

I have this coworker right?! I think she's cute and she knows it. After the playful flirting and numerous gym appointments. I'm ready for this to go somewhere. As I sit on my couch I daydream about what she would do if I kissed her. Walked into her empty classroom and caress her lips. Can … Continue reading SisterWife or Hobby pt 2


Sister Wife or Hobby Pt 1

Win.Lose.Tie. You're supposed to be my ride or die. As I continue to develop into the superwoman that I am, I always arrive at the point where I am wishing I had a best friend. I've never really had one up til this point and even though it might have bothered me before I found distractions … Continue reading Sister Wife or Hobby Pt 1